GoCarCanada Inc. offers a turnkey solution for individuals and companies in regard with the acquisition of a new or certified pre owned vehicle.

WHY choose to deal with an automotive broker

  • Deal with your dedicated automotive agent from beginning to end 
  • No bias on any make or any particular model
  • Avoid salesman pressure
  • No worries, no stress
  • We do the search for you
  • Submit a credit application without having to step out (purchase or lease)
  • We deal the evaluation on your Trade-In
  • Save time and money o Accompanied test drive (conditions may apply)
  • We negotiate on your behalf o Taking possession without delay at dealership
  • Free guidance and assistance when acquisition made through our services.
  • Our brokerage fees are acquitted directly by the dealers. 

GoCarCanada Inc doesn’t own any inventory. It’s a service offering to help you transact. To do so, GoCarCanada negotiate directly with the commercial transaction managers and the dealerships sales managers.


The customer acknowledges that: : 

  • 1. As GoCarCanada has the ultimate goal to help save time and money while targeting the vehicle corresponding to their needs. To do so, it is important that the customer discloses the details concerning his tastes, budget, use, equipment and accessories wanted/required. 
  • 2. The customer is free to search by himself if he desires, but in doing so, GoCarCanada will possibly be bound and won’t be able to represent the customer with the dealer in question where the customer went without his GoCarCanada agent. 
  • 3. If the customer obtains a more generous quotation by himself, he undertakes to share it with his agent giving the possibility to GoCarCanada to work further into finding a better counter-offer as a whole. 
  • 4. If you found a vehicle that meets your needs at a dealership and would like us to check for relevant verifications as well as deal on your behalf, it is in your best interest to inform us. 
  • 5. Should you have communication issues or a bad service from a dedicated agent, you need to inform GoCarCanada directly at 1-873-771-4635 or by email at GoCarCanada commits to promptly verify the situation and if necessary, the agency will take over the file in order to offer the best service possible and forward your case to another dedicated agent.

 The customer agrees to respect the terms and conditions of the service agreement.



The agency is completely independent and doesn’t belong to any automotive grouping.  

  • 1. GoCarCanada, via its dedicated agents, commits to guide their customer in an impartial and diligent way regarding all aspects of the automotive transaction: the vehicle, equipment, accessories, tires, type of credits, the warranties, appearance protection, etc. 
  • 2. It is understood that the dedicated agent can’t be an expert in all makes and models, thereby he commits to finding satisfying answers to all questions the customer might have on equipment or technical specifications for a considered vehicle and get back in a timely matter with the correct information. 
  • 3. The agent conducts the necessary research on models that might correspond to the customer’s needs. If required or asked for, he will provided a comparison table on selected models. 
  • 4. The agent will submit, in a timely matter, the best quotation received for the model(s) selected by the customer. 5. The agent will coordinate the logistics for the test drive that will take place in his presence at the selected dealer. (Limit of 3) 
  • 6. The agent will provide guidance as to the most favorable method of payment for the customer’s situation. A comparative chart can be provided in order to enlighten on the different options available such as: cash purchase, financing, lease, commercial lease. 
  • 7. Recommendations will be provided on complementary protections offered by the dealer. By no means will those recommendations be made under pressure. The customer remains free to choose whether or not to take any of them. 
  • 8. The agent will assist in analysing all options offered by the dealer on equipment and accessories. He will be able to offer some recommendations on other vendors offering similar items making sure to get the best service quality and best price. The customer remains free to take the equipment from where he desires. 
  • 9. The agent will validate the customer’s choice without pressure and will assure that each car preparation steps are completed. 
  • 10. The agent will accompany the customer to take possession of the vehicle at the dealership and will also do a visual inspection. He will validate that each signed document matches the quotation received and agreed by the customer and will insure all accessories are an exact match as well.  

 The agency also takes in charge the search to obtain the best possible value for the trade-in vehicle. If the offers from dealers aren’t satisfying, the agency can provide recommendations so the customer may obtain better results.


Your $75 deposit confirms that you got acquainted with this mutual agreement in good faith and accept the terms allowing us to work for you in getting the best transaction. If for some reason you decide to postpone the purchase or wish to continue without GoCarCanada’s services, your $75 deposit will be on hold until December 31st of the following year. In such case, it is also possible for you to transfer your deposit to someone close to you by advising GoCarCanada BEFORE we start exchanging with the new potential customer. 


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